Just in time for the start of BEFORE WATCHMEN next week, now you can revisit the series that started it all by downloading all 12 original issues of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s groundbreaking classic WATCHMEN, available for $1.99 each. 


WATCHMEN, the comic book series that changed the game, is now available for download through the DC Comics app or online at www.readdcentertainment.com. Pick up issues #1–12 now and get ready to re-live all the excitement of the original comic book event like never before.  


And stay tuned for more BEFORE WATCHMEN digital comics specials – each week that a #1 issue is released we’ll be offering a special digital sale highlighting other comics by BEFORE WATCHMEN creators. First up next week is a Darwyn Cooke digital sale tied to the release of BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #1.