We hope everyone’s had a good holiday weekend because it’s time to get down to some serious comic book reading. This week sees the release of four highly anticipated new comics from DC, including the last of our DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 “Second Wave,” THE RAVAGERS #1. Written by Howard Mackie, with art by Ian Churchill, The Ravagers spins directly out of “The Culling,” the massive crossover event that wrapped up in last week’s TEEN TITANS #9. It’s a can’t-miss, but then again, so are BATMAN ANNUAL #1 (which ties back to “Night of the Owls”), ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1 and SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #1. In fact, did you know that our Superman Family Adventures posts last week have become some of the most popular pages on DCComics.com? It’s clear you’re all as excited about this new all-ages series as we are!


Here’s what hit the web yesterday…


USA TODAY ran an exclusive preview of THE RAVAGERS #1 and interviewed writer Howard Mackie.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ran an exclusive preview of BATMAN  ANNUAL #1.


The DC Comics website ran an exclusive preview of ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1.


The DC Comics website ran a preview of SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #1.


Don’t forget that yesterday we released the first installment of our digital first series AME-COMI GIRLS, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and illustrated by Amanda Conner and Tony Akins. And tomorrow also sees the release of two more New 52 trade collections—GREEN ARROW VOL. 1: THE MIDAS TOUCH and WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: BLOOD—as well as Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor’s original graphic novel BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN and the first issue of DC NATION MAGAZINE. See you in the shops!