Currently spanning the pages of TEEN TITANS ANNUAL, SUPERBOY, LEGION LOST and TEEN TITANS, “The Culling” crossover event will soon be spinning off into its own series, THE RAVAGERS (issue #1 on sale on 5/30).


But what does the aftermath of this event mean for the other respective titles involved in it? Today, take a sneak peek at what’s to come next in TEEN TITANS.


“The teens find themselves thrust into a very unlikely (and awesome and mysterious) locale in issue #10 with no visible means of getting home, which will give them some time to reflect on what they’ve done. Red Robin, especially, will examine his own culpability in the Culling Affair, and what effect it will have on the continuation of the team as it currently stands,” Editorial Director Bobbie Chase revealed to THE SOURCE. “Kid Flash discovered something unusual – a mystery about his past, in the hands of someone from the 31st Century who seemed to know him! How does Timber Wolf know more about Bart than Bart knows about himself?”


Below, take an exclusive first look at TEEN TITANS #10, in stores on June 27th.