We’re really proud of our creators here at DC. We think they’re the best in the business, and that they’re worth showing off. So over the past few months, we’ve been snapping some great portraits of your favorite writers, artists and colorists.


Being that our creators hail from all around the globe, we knew we’d have only a few times a year where we could get them all in one place—conventions.  So, we set up photo studios at WonderCon and C2E2 (usually inside a room which we’ve taken to calling “The Siberia Room” due to its distance from the main convention halls). Our Talent Relations crew found times that fit into our attending creators’ busy schedules of book signings and interviews. The results?  Well, we think they came out pretty darn amazing. 


But why don’t you decide for yourselves? Check out the bio pages for Geoff Johns, Gene Ha, Amanda Conner, Lee Bermejo and Moritat for a few cool examples. And we’re only just getting started. We’ll be bringing The Siberia Room to San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con as well, and will be adding to the portrait list all throughout the year.


All in all, we’ve added over fifty new talent photos. Many of them also include new bios. How many can you find? Have we gotten to your favorite writer or artist yet?



Adam Hughes



Len Wein



Scott Snyder