The second of three standalone “Times Past” issues in this 12-part maxiseries, THE SHADE #8 travels back in time to turn-of-the-century France. And collaborating with writer James Robinson on this special issue is fan-favorite SANDMAN artist Jill Thompson.


“I can't wait for everyone to read THE SHADE #8, the second ‘Times Past’ issue in the series, this time focusing a particular adventure the Shade had in 1901,” writer James Robinson told THE SOURCE. “The story is exquisitely drawn by Jill Thompson who I'm very grateful to for finding the time in her busy schedule to illustrate it. I should also say how beautifully it's been colored by Trish Mulvihill. Tying into the ongoing, present day narrative, this tale of 1901 features our shadowy (anti)hero at point in his existence when while enjoying a wastrel's life in Paris of that time, he is suddenly confronted with a supernatural evil that threatens a member of his family. The Shade must find his conscience and courage to fight this terror. I hope everyone checks this issue out. I'm very proud of it and I know you'll all enjoy Ms. Thompson's depiction of the Shade in that era.”


“I really enjoyed collaborating with James Robinson on THE SHADE and I was thrilled that he had an issue of the story he thought I would be well suited for!” continued Jill Thompson. “I had great fun illustrating THE SHADE, an opium den and the streets of 1901 Paris!” 


THE SHADE #8 hits stores this Wednesday. Click here to see an exclusive preview of the issue. And to read more about THE SHADE and to hear more from James Robinson, check out an exclusive feature over at POPMATTERS.