So, for all of you wait-for-the-trade types, this week saw the release of BATMAN VOL. 1: THE COURT OF OWLS, which collects the first seven issues of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s highly acclaimed NEW 52 relaunch of BATMAN. As if you couldn’t tell by the subtitle, this is also the story arc that introduced the Court of Owls, who are now causing trouble for every member of Batman’s crew in this month’s massive crossover event, “Night of the Owls.” We thought it was only fit to celebrate this sure-to-be-historic storyline and trade collection by highlighting some of the book’s bonus features on the website this week. And if that wasn’t enough, we also announced five new annuals, showed off some stylish new tees, and introduced two of the “spudliest” heroes to ever slip on the spandex.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


As mentioned, we began by giving you a glimpse at some of the supplemental goodies included in Batman Vol. 1. Take a gander at page 21, 22, 23, 24 and some bonus character sketches by Greg Capullo!


Sticking to the world of the Dark Knight, the villainous Bane’s been spotted in…beautiful, sunny Santa Monica? Well, yes, as a part of Kitson’s beautiful high-end t-shirt display.


Quick, what comes only once a year with a sack full of surprises for good comic fans the world over? It’s not Christmas—it’s our yearly slate of annuals! (The sack was figurative, all right?) This week we announced five new extra-sized annual issues: DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #1, SUPERMAN ANNUAL #1, THE FLASH ANNUAL #1, GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 and JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1.


Who knew that combining superheroes with starchy vegetables would be such a winning prospect? But judging by your response to our Superman and Wonder Woman Potato Head feature, this is an idea that just might take root.


And finally, anyone out there up for a road trip? The Tumbler and Bat-Pod sure are. We’re revving up for this summer’s release of The Dark Knight Rises by taking them on a North American tour. Be sure to check the tour schedule to see if your city’s included.


Speaking of hitting the road, it’s just about time for the weekend to start. Remember to call your mothers and we’ll see you again in seven!