We’re big on big weeks here in the Week-In-Review, and let’s face it, they don’t get any bigger than this one. The New 52’s “Second Wave” kicked off with four spectacular new ongoing comics. The very first New 52 trade collections hit stores, including the beautiful, bookshelf-enhancing, jealousy-inspiring Justice League Vol. 1 hardcover. “The Culling” got underway in the pages of TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1. And of course, the shadows grew longer as the “Night of the Owls” continued in both DETECTIVE COMICS and BATWING.


Of course, for comic book fans (and fans-to-be) the fun didn’t end there. This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and we made sure you were both prepared and pumped for the big day with a pair of features designed to give the day an added dose of awesomeness.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


Are you as excited about The New 52’s “Second Wave” as we are? We’ll admit it. We couldn’t help teasing three of our new series this week: WORLD’S FINEST, EARTH TWO and THE RAVAGERS.


Of course, with all this talk about “Second Wave,” it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that many of you haven’t yet discovered our first wave of New 52 titles. If that’s you, there’s no better time to start since you can now download all of their first issues for 99 cents.


And for any new Justice League readers who prefer to read comics in print, we have you covered too! JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN is a hardcover collection that compiles the first six issues of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s historic relaunch of the world’s greatest super hero team. We celebrated by showing off some sketches of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and a few other favorites.


Finally, we counted down to FCBD by fives. Namely, five reasons why this year’s FCBD can’t be missed and five tips from retailers on how to make the most out of FCBD.


Oh, and that’s not all. You may want to keep your eye on this blog between now and Saturday. Just sayin’.


With that little tease, we’re off for another week. Have a great Free Comic Book Day and we’ll see you all in seven!