A hero. A villain. An intense, angry struggle with the highest stakes. For super hero fans, it may be a common theme, but when reimagined by a gifted artist with a unique creative vision, it feels fresh, vibrant and new. It’s true for Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman film trilogy, and it’s equally true for the winning shirt in Design by Humans’ The Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt Design contest.


Designed by Spykeee, “Hello, Mr. Wayne” was selected as the 1st Place Entry by The Dark Knight Rises Director, Writer and Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas.


The winning design is the culmination of a seven-week process that began with the contest announcement on March 19th. Voting started on March 24th and the final day of voting was April 22nd. Five finalists were chosen, with Spykeee’s submission being announced as the top one on the Design By Humans website this morning.


Boasting uniquely designed t-shirt art from 84 countries totaling more than 3,000 submissions, it was no small task for Design By Humans and Warner Bros. to select the finalist. Weekly meetings between Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Design By Humans yielded hours of conversation on the artwork to approve and select winners.


The winning t-shirt designs are all available on DesignByHumans.com. As the top finalist, Spykeee not only gets to see his design on t-shirts available worldwide, but is the cool recipient of a $3,500 cash prize.


Congrats go out to Spykeee and all of the finalists. Looks like we know what we’re wearing to the theater on opening night.



You can order "Hello Mr. Wayne" or any of the winning designs by clicking here.