They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that didn’t stop our artists from sharing plenty of insightful words with us this week (as well as some amazing pictures). With the Second Wave of New 52 titles just on the horizon, we spoke with some of the amazing illustrators bringing these great comics to life. We also gave a behind-the-scenes tour of our office, showed off some Before Watchmen and New 52 art, and wrapped things up with two big announcements.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off by giving BUZZFEED and CNET a behind the scenes tour of our offices in midtown Manhattan. Along the way, we may have accidentally lost sight of some Before Watchmen and New 52 Second Wave art. You don’t think they might’ve posted any of it on the Internet, do you?


After that, we handed things over to our artists, and boy, did they have some interesting stuff to say about our upcoming projects:


Nicola Scott dropped some hints about EARTH 2.


Bryan Hitch also shared some words on EARTH 2, and showed off his variant cover.


Steve Pugh discussed the difference between his earlier experience drawing ANIMAL MAN and his current one.


Timothy Green teased ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1.


Chris Burham spoke about working with Grant Morrison on BATMAN INCORPORATED.


David Finch told us what to expect from BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT now that Gregg Hurwitz is writing it.


Travel Foreman showed us some of his upcoming pages from BIRDS OF PREY.


Mateus Santolouco broke down what it’s like collaborating with China Miéville on DIAL H.


Ariel Olivetti proved to us that soldiers fighting dinosaurs is every bit as awesome as we imagined it would be with his art from GI COMBAT.


Ian Churchill introduced a new character from THE RAVAGERS.


And Jesus Saiz and Andres Guinaldo discussed what wicked things can happen when you cross SUICIDE SQUAD with RESURRECTION MAN. (Psst! There are chainsaws!)


From the amazingly rendered pencils of some of the best artists in comics, we move on to…stop-motion plastic dolls? Yes, if you haven't heard, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all of the rest of your favorite DC Super Heroes are coming to Robot Chicken.


Finally, we announced the brand new DC Nation app, which offers instant access to the best in all-ages DC Comics content. Whether you download it for your kids, or only say that you’re downloading it for your kids, you’re going to want it. So click here to get it!


Talk about a good-looking week! And things are only looking better from here. See you in seven!