“Gregg Hurwitz coming on to BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT is a total game changer for this book. His stories are vicious, cruel and dark, but they are also incredibly humane and insightful and well written. I don't think that I need to tell Gregg Hurwitz fans how great a writer he is, but for those comic book readers who have not had the chance to experience his work, it's going to be a big surprise and a hell of a ride. The Dark Knight has gone through a few changes in its short run, but Gregg brings the focus and vision to the book that it desperately needed. We are going to be telling stories that will change people’s perceptions about some of Batman's villains forever. BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT is going to devote itself to exploring the interconnecting psychology of Batman and his craziest villains.  If you loved Gregg's PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE then you are going to love what we are doing in DARK KNIGHT."


- David Finch

(Art by David Finch for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #10)