The wait is over, and the war for Gotham City is about to begin. Pitting Batman and the extended Bat-family against the Court of Owls and their sinister agents, the long-awaited Night of the Owls” crossover kicks off this week.


A shadowy secret society with deathless assassins known as Talons to execute its malevolent will, the Court has roots that reach back into Gotham’s deep past – and now this cadre of killers has mounted an all-out assault to exert its influence on the city’s present. It’s the Court of Owls versus the Allies of the Bat to determine once and for all who will rule the shadows of Gotham City.


BATMAN artist Greg Capullo promises an epic clash in this Bat-tle royale, as well a satisfying vengeance worthy of the slow-burn tortures that Bruce Wayne’s been forced to endure at the Talons’ claws.


You know, I've only been drawing BATMAN for, oh... nine months. In that time, I've had to draw Batman receiving the biggest beat down that I can ever recall. I mean, c'mon already! Stabbed, beaten, deprived of sleep, food and water. Okay, he had water – but it was freakin' drugged! He's seen a vision of his dead folks vomiting owls, he gets stabbed AGAIN (this time with a really BIG knife), has his home invaded...


You know what? I've, I mean, he, er... WE'VE had it! The time has come – way past due – the Batman that we all love shall have his Bat REVENGE!!! And, I promise you, people, no wimpy, play-by-the-rules BS. Oh no. I'm talking a truly satisfying bloodletting is on its way. After pushing Batman all the way to the edge – millimeters from his mental and physical breaking point – he's pushing back. So, get your Kevlar on. We don't want any collateral damage when Batman unleashes all his pent-up pain, fury and vengeance upon these damned goggle wearin', knife totin', little-beaked SOBs who "like hunting Waynes."

Payback's a bitch.


(Art by Greg Capullo for BATMAN #8)


The “Night of the Owls” begins this week in BATMAN #8 and NIGHTWING #8, exploding across the rest of the Bat-books in May. Stay tuned to The Source all this week for more insights from the architects of this epic event.