Hector Godfrey, Editor

The inalienable right to freedom for every man, woman and child in The United States is under attack. This threat is more sinister than the aggression of communist nations, and deadlier than any warhead or artillery shell. I say this because the threat to America that I speak of comes from America herself.

Tomorrow the government wants to pass a bill that will outlaw the costumed heroes that have protected our nation for years. If they succeed, I promise you that the next step will be your right to bear arms and then the right to vote and then one day there will be no freedom left at all.

If Senator Keene's bill is passed, it will become illegal for any citizen to take matters into their own hands when faced with the onslaught of failed policy. Hooded justice is an American tradition. It is the American way to want to be more for your country in times of need. In the speech he was due to give in Dallas before his assassination, President Kennedy wrote, "We, in this country, in this generation, are — by destiny rather than by choice — the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility..." And now instead of embracing our destiny as Watchmen, we are in danger of denying it!

And why would America want to disrupt the actions of these brave citizens like The Comedian and Rorschach that have followed in the grand tradition of the Minutemen and taken it upon themselves to defend their country at great risk to their very lives? Washington wants to stop these Watchmen because they have succeeded where bureaucracy has failed. When funding for law enforcement was mismanaged what did the police do? They went on strike! Who was there to curb the violence that followed? Nite Owl was. The Silk Spectre was. When we were directionless and losing innocent lives in Vietnam, who turned the tide in our favor? Dr. Manhattan did. Who watched over us? These Watchmen did.

And now because they have been shamed in the light of truth, some Senators are using the whining of lazy hippies (who fear any order that might infringe on their right to get high and shout slogans) as a cover for their vendetta against the Watchmen who have replaced them as our leaders. Do you want to live in a world where ordinary men are not asked to answer the call of greatness? When the police abandon the streets, do you want Rorschach at home doing his laundry?

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Rorschach spotted in New York City during the riots.


Seymour Smith

While our country holds its collective breath on the outcome of a vote on the legality of men and women who dress in leather garb to defend the weak, a social movement in England has misbegotten youth dressing up in leather in the hopes of bringing down the government. They're called "punk rockers" and America could be the next place this trend takes hold. Dressed in S&M outfits and proclaiming their desire for anarchy, these punks have also given rise to an entire subculture including several bands with gaudy names like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Kristallnacht and The Damned that support their cause and are even getting airplay on the radio! The punk way of life is infecting every aspect of life in England with its lust for violence and abolishment of authority. We've seen in the past how impressionable American   youth    can     be    when

it comes to imported pop culture...will our children soon become punks addicted to drugs and looking to burn buildings down?

The admitted problems with unemployment and lacking social stability in England have given way to punk's rise. The disenfranchised mobs crowding the streets chanting "No Future" are much like the rioters recently seen in America. The main difference is that the streets in London have never had costumed protectors like ours have. When the punks came there was nobody to turn them away like The Comedian and Nite Owl did in New York. It raises the important question of what will happen if we suddenly find ourselves in the same situation as the Brits...if our heroes go away, are our children doomed?

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Under The Hood

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Op-Ed, Doug Roth

If you'd been walking the streets in New York and Washington D.C. during the riots, you would have found that question scrawled above burning trash in alleyways and spray painted across abandoned police cars. This philosophical plight was adopted by the masses as they revolted against the failure of their government to protect them not just from the everyday dangers all too common in our cities, but from those who have replaced our elected leaders as our self-appointed masters.

I'm talking, of course, about the costumed vigilantes and so-called government agents who have been given free reign over our liberties. We know precious little about these men and women who meddle in our country's foreign policy, our judicial system and inside our very homes. Who are they? How did this happen? Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

For answers I'd point you towards this month's Nova Express rather than this questionable publication that is publicly on record as granting me this space only as part of the reparations from a libel suit I filed against it. Nova Express is going to dig deeper into these questions and find out exactly where America went wrong and costumed overlords replaced due process. When did the harmless antics of a few crimebusters and acrobats and misfits become a threat to our freedom?

We will delve into the 15th anniversary edition of Hollis Mason's autobiography UNDER THE HOOD and realize that the writing was figuratively on the wall long before it was literally there. At the time, Mason's details of the Minutemen's early days were seen as melodramatic gossip mongering, but the clarity of hindsight shows that Mason and his ilk barely knew what they were doing or why they even chose their occupation, much less what the consequences would be if it all went wrong.

At best they were vigilantes, at worst they were racists and murderers. We certainly had no idea that their failings would seem tame in comparison to the potential lethality of Doctor Manhattan.

This issue also features an account of my interview with Adrian Veidt from the July 1975 issue of Nova Express. Even as recently as a few years ago, it was easy to see the great Ozymandias as a sort of celebrity. Unlike his superhero cronies Rorschach and The Comedian, at least Ozymandias seemed invested in using his gifts to help mankind rather than harm it.

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