As you know by now, award winning author China Miéville is about to debut as the writer of his first ongoing comic book series, DIAL H. Here’s what China wants you to know about it.


“The problem is, it sounds like marketing puff, it sounds too trite - but here's the thing. The reason that I'm excited about doing Dial H is because honestly and truly, it is the title that I have, for literally years, been asking DC to let me work on. And no matter how fantastic it may be to be offered a character, a title that you've read and loved for years, there can't be anything like being given the chance to restart the one of your own dreams. Which, ever since I stumbled on the 80s run of Dial H for Hero, this mythos of multifariousness, of endlessly fecund transmogrification and unlikely heroism with freakishly inappropriate powersets, has been my utter dream project. I still find it hard to believe that it is, for a while at least, mine.” 


Get ready to pick up issue #1 this May.