While we finished the weekend getting rained on at WonderCon, the outlook was bright this week on DCComics.com with a glimpse of the very edgy looking ARROW and the news about the upcoming BATMAN LIVE.


Here’s some of the DC news we broke this week…


Who says Gotham isn’t a real city? BATMAN LIVE promises to take us all there when it comes to North America in September.


No WonderCon pass? No problem! This week the coolest con was the Con Away From Con, which we provided by giving you breaking news and exclusive photos and videos from WonderCon.


We gave you your first look at Oliver Queen in ARROW, the highly anticipated pilot currently in development for the upcoming season.


For those of you who like a little crime-fighting with your LEGO bricks, we showed off the new trailer for LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPERHEROES and argued about whether to describe it as hilarious or action-packed. (We decided it’s both.)


Off-site, MTV GEEK's solid interview with GREEN ARROW writer Ann Nocenti is making us happy. (But not TOO happy, since as Ann points out, being happy isn't always a good thing.)


SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE is our latest original animated movie. It had its premiere at WonderCon, but you can watch the trailer right here.


Finally, we gave you a glimpse at Gene Ha’s mad design skills with a look at his designs for Spore and A.R.G.U.S. Look for their fully rendered forms in upcoming issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE.


And look for us back here in seven for another Week-in-Review!