For 49 issues, you’ve been captivated by the charm, unique style and humor in TINY TITANS. This Wednesday, the Eisner Award-winning all ages series will end with the release of its fiftieth issue.


“TINY TITANS #50! Wow! It’s here already! Seems like we just started!” series co-writer and artist Art Baltazar told THE SOURCE. “So glad to be part of this history making comics event of the ‘AW YEAH AGE’ of comics!  Issue 50 is surely the grandest of milestones of my comic career thus far. Our fans are the best in the world. Thank you for all the love and awesomeness. It’s so cool to see all the TINY TITANS fans at shows and conventions. YOU GUYS are the inspiration! TINY TITANS has truly changed our lives-thank you for the life-change! Looking forward to 50 more issues with SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES!!! Aw to the yeah.”


“TINY TITANS #50! Wow, that's pretty cool!” continued series co-writer Franco. “This has been one of the best working experiences of my life. Where else can you get the past, present and even future characters of the entire DC universe to play with? I've lived with these characters my entire life so when we got the chance to work on this title it seemed like Robin, Kid Flash, Starfire, Raven and all the others took on a life of their own. They wrote their own adventures and Artie and I just happened to be there to record what was happening! The fact that we've been blessed with truly awesome, loyal fans and awards gives us the validation that we were doing something very special. Thanks to everyone!”


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