We’re not claiming to be Guardians over here, but we’re pretty sure there’s a cosmic law stating that any week beginning and ending with BEFORE WATCHMEN news is going to be a good one. And this week was very good here at DCComics.com. We announced the release dates for the first four issues of Before Watchmen, broke down a couple of “wonderful” pages from BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED, and debuted an exclusive image from SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE, our latest full-length animated feature. And all of this was before the start of WonderCon on Friday.


Here’s some of the DC news to hit the website this week…


Let’s start with that Before Watchmen news. NITE OWL, SILK SPECTRE, THE COMEDIAN and THE MINUTEMEN are all coming in June. So make your plans now.


Can’t wait till Wednesday? Yeah, we’re not much for waiting either, so we’re giving you early looks at Wednesday’s new comics, like Monday’s preview of GREEN LANTERN #7 or Tuesdays previews of, well, pretty much everything else.


We also broke down two pages from next week’s issue of BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED. Who knew Vicki Vale looked so good in graphite?


Planning on spending the weekend in Anaheim? You’ll definitely want to take a look at our WonderCon schedule, and join us tonight for the premiere of SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE.


Finally, we wrapped things up by revealing the new look of SWAMP THING, care of BUZZFEED, and setting Len Wein and J. Michael Straczynski loose on the fine folks at AICN to talk about Before Watchmen.


Bookended by Before Watchmen. That’s a stellar week and that’s this week’s Week-In-Review. See you in seven!