In MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #5, an anthology-style miniseries, the wild and various adventures of Robotman, Garbage Man and the alien Tanga continue. In “Uncanny Valley, Part 5” by Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins, Robotman continues his search for Mr. Turing on an island comprised entirely by nano-bots. But can he find him before the island’s inhabitants notice his presence? In “Death’s Door” by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan, Garbage Man discovers new and unsettling information about his origins. But will he be able to focus on himself when he and The Reverend must continue to fight an army of dinosaurs from another dimension in order to save Gotham City? And in “Tanga: Humbled” by Kevin Maguire, Tanga must first battle Za in order to reach P’Nigh and confront him about his undisclosed yet treacherous plan. But what will she do when she finds out she’s a far larger player in the plan than she had known? Don’t miss the penultimate chapter of MY GREATEST ADVENTURE, in stores today.