Back in December, we told you that GREEN LANTERN #7 will kick off a brand new story arc, “The Secret of the Indigo Tribe.” In it, Hal and Sinestro’s uneasy alliance will continue as they travel to the Indigo homeworld to uncover the truths behind a heinous crime. Today, take an exclusive first look at fan-favorite artist Ian Churchill’s variant cover for the issue, both in black and white and its final colored version. “The GREEN LANTERN editor, Brian Cunningham, asked for a cover involving the character Indigo-1 and to have the two Green Lanterns completely defeated!” Churchill exclusively told THE SOURCE. “I came up with a few thumbnails and Brian preferred this one because he said he liked the way it reversed the clichéd view of the male on the throne flanked by females. So with that in mind, I went ahead and this was the result. Having to leave space for the bar code at the bottom was a challenge with this one, but I managed to make it work - in the end! I then passed it on to Alex Sollazzo for color and... voila! One GREEN LANTERN variant cover was created!” GREEN LANTERN #7 goes on sale on March 14th.