Beginning with its ninth issue in May, RESURRECTION MAN will have a new artist: Jesus Saiz. Fresh from his run on BIRDS OF PREY, Saiz will pick up Mitch Shelley’s story just in time to pit the indestructible man against the Suicide Squad. Shelley may be incapable of death – but the Squad’s under orders from Amanda Waller, and “The Wall” is not one to accept excuses. “Having Fernando leave the series is bittersweet, but gaining a talent such as Jesus will give RESURRECTION MAN a decidedly different look,” said series editor Brian Cunningham. “His style brings a very iconic superhero look. His heroes are very heroic, his villains are as nasty as they come. I can’t wait to get him started.” “I'm going to miss BIRDS OF PREY immensely, although it's also true that I was dying to work on the Dark line of books,” said Saiz. “There's some very interesting stuff happening in these books, and I've always considered horror / creating dark settings are some of my stronger areas as an artist, and I really haven't had many chances to flex those muscles working in this genre during my career. So...I think I'm really going to enjoy working on RESURRECTION MAN! Crrrrazy fun!"

Saiz’s first issue as RESURRECTION MAN’s new artist will be #9, launching in May. Check out the cover here on THE SOURCE.

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque)