Earlier today, we announced that Jesus Saiz will be taking over the illustration duties on RESURRECTION MAN, kicking things off with a SUICIDE SQUAD crossover in issue 9. But what about Mitch Shelley’s current artist, Ferndando Dagnino? He’s not going far; in fact, he’ll continue to put Shelley through the ringer as the new artist on SUICIDE SQUAD, where he’ll remain at the crossover’s conclusion. “What’s more fun: figuring out creative new ways to resurrect someone, or finding splat-tastic new ways to kill them?” said Pat McCallum, editor of SUICIDE SQUAD. “Fernando’s gonna find out in a hurry. His style has just enough menace to keep the team looking dangerous, and he’s joined at the perfect time to help with the heavy lifting: we got a lot of body bags to fill.” "Call me insensitive but I must admit I've really enjoyed killing Mitch twice or thrice per issue,” said Dagnino. “Nevertheless, it all falls into place knowing that he will be in Jesus' hands now. This run on RESURRECTION MAN has REALLY been loads of fun but now I must confess I am even more excited to take over the responsibility of dealing with such a thrilling cast of characters as the SUICIDE SQUAD. Harley...I’m coming!” Check out the cover to SUICIDE SQUAD #9, by Ken Lashley.