Thank you! You're probably a little curious what I'm thanking you for. Is it for reading our books every month? We're always thankful for that, but I'm getting at something else. Am I doing some sort of "Bizarro"-themed page where I do everything backwards? Me say yes! (which is actually "no" and why I stay away from trying to speak Bizarro in public.) Is it because we have a totally amazing Batman Beyond series and we have you, the fans, to thank for it? Yes!!! You see, a while back we were thinking about the idea of doing a new Batman Beyond project. When we'd mention it at conventions, people seemed really excited for it; and when the series came out, everybody turned out to support the book. You all spoke so loudly about wanting a Batman Beyond series that we immediately put plans into action to make sure there was plenty to go around. This month you can pick up BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #1. Each oversized issue of this series will feature both a Batman Beyond story and one with the Justice League Beyond, and it's brought to you by the awesome creative team of writers Adam Beechen, Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen with art by Dustin, Derek and Norm Breyfogle. BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED is an especially satisfying launch for us for a couple of reasons. This is the first time there has ever been an ongoing Justice League Beyond series, and it's first time we get to see Batman as an active member of the group (Thanks, Dustin & Derek!). BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED also represents a merging between our digital and print initiatives. Each issue collects original content that debuted digitally earlier that month, allowing fans access to the material however they please. But most of all, BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED represents the realization of a title the fans demanded and that we were overjoyed to provide. For more information on our digital comics, please check out; and for a taste of what's to come, check out the art below. And seriously -- thank you for your support. It's really beyond what we could hope for. Sorry -- that pun was just sitting there ... -- Ian Sattler, DC Comics