Everything he knew changed in a flash. Police scientist Barry Allen awakens to a world far different from the one he remembers. A world that never heard of Superman, a place where friends are enemies and enemies become unlikely allies, a society torn apart by a war between two all too familiar faces, a world where he is no longer the Fastest Man Alive. The former Flash must race against time to discover and restore what once went wrong—fixing the time stream and returning the world to the one he once knew. But as war threatens to consume everything and heroes fall to its insatiable hunger, will Barry Allen be fast enough or will the clock run out? Welcome to the World of Flashpoint. Penned by superstar writer Geoff Johns, the mastermind behind the DC Comics mega-events INFINITE CRISIS and BLACKEST NIGHT, and featuring art by fan-favorite artist Andy Kubert, FLASHPOINT raced its way across the comic world in a universe-spanning event that changed the very course of the DCU forever and led directly into DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. Now with the Flashpoint "February" Sale, you can get all five-issues of the FLASHPOINT main title, every issue of the tie-in limited series, the special FLASHPOINT one-shots and the tie-in events of BOOSTER GOLD and THE FLASH—all for only .99 cents each! Get them while you can because next thing you know, it'll be over in a flash. The 3-Day Sale begins today!