We recently announced DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 “Second Wave,” which will launch GI COMBAT. This new series will feature rotating back up stories. Following UNKNOWN SOLDIER, which we posted about yesterday, will be HAUNTED TANK by writer John Arcudi and artist Scott Kolins. As many of you may know, HAUNTED TANK centers around the ghost of Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart who is sent to act as a guardian over his namesake during a time of war. We asked John Arcudi to tell us a bit about his concept for HAUNTED TANK and here’s what he said: “Using war as a backdrop for fiction has a kind of universal appeal; not for the action or violence, but because war puts people in extreme circumstances. Every emotion is amped up and that makes for compelling stories. Obviously, "Haunted Tank" is a concept that takes that "extreme" even higher by introducing a supernatural element, but still, a lot of potential there as long as you focus on the players and not the play. What’s great about this particular incarnation of HAUNTED TANK is that DC wanted me to really make it haunted, with a scary ghost and everything! The old stories with Jeb Stuart's ghost are a lot of fun, but I have a problem making war 'fun.' This approach is suited to my talents and tastes.” So get ready for HAUNTED TANK! This is a ghost story you’re not going to want to miss.