Primed to be one of the most talked about original graphic novels of the year, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN crafts a deft mystery around the architecture and design of Gotham City itself. Set against the period backdrop of an expansive Gotham City construction boom, the unique take on the Batman mythology is brought to life by acclaimed writer/designer Chip Kidd and fan favorite artist Dave Taylor. Together, they weave a singular tale that captures the flavor of the city as it’s never been seen, while also creating an new look at Batman that re-imagines both the caped crusader and his iconic nemesis – the Joker. "When I was invited to write a Batman graphic novel by Dan DiDio, for some reason I thought the Joker would be off limits (I'm not worthy!),” said Kidd. “When my editor Mark Chiarello told me that was not the case, I jumped at the chance to include him. This page marks his grand entrance into the book. I wanted him to look like a 1920s silent movie villain, as his visual roots lie in Conrad Veidt in 'The Man Who Laughs.' Dave totally nailed him in a unique yet undeniably classic way, and I LOVE what he's wearing: the jodhpurs, the dinner jacket, and those boots!! To die for, so to speak. That is all due to Mr. Taylor's expertise, which shines throughout the book. If you think this is cool (and it is), just wait...this only the thin end of the wedge!” “This book is the culmination of all my years dreaming of working on a special Batman project, this is the summit,” said Taylor. “Chip's writing, his total knowledge of the character and his environment, has made this a very special story. It's full of what I call Batman reality. The tone and feel of this book are as close as anything I've read to a real sense of being. Gotham exists. The Batman is real. All these people are as real as you and I. And the story then is real also. The amount of research I did on it's own shows that I was into something way bigger than I'd first thought. I now know more about 1939 than I do about the year of my birth! The book contains some of the truth behind how a city is built, literally. The corruption, and misplacement of power rings true to the point of making this book a timely record. But what this book does above all is show how easy it can be to bring that corruption and power down, all you need is one hero!” BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN will be released on May 2, but we have a first look at Taylor’s interior art for the book – as well as the design process that led to the final product.