Chanukah begins at sundown this evening – a time of day that speaks to Kate Kane and her heroic alter ego. From the critically acclaimed pairing of writer Greg Rucka and artist J.H. Williams III, BATWOMAN: ELEGY is the perfect gift for any comic book fan whose Festival of Lights isn’t complete without some darkness. In addition to showcasing the crime-fighting exploits of Gotham City’s newest protector (and Jewish super heroine), BATWOMAN: ELEGY features lush storytelling and some of the most innovative illustration you’ll see anywhere in comics. Exploring the burgeoning career of Batwoman as she hones her skills against a demented cult, Rucka and Williams have created a classic story for the modern age – and set the stage for a new hero, whose adventures continue in Batwoman’s eponymous title for DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. It’s a great gift for the holiday season, and one of the most artful illustrations of the heights that comic book craftsmanship can reach.