Looking for the perfect gift for the Grant Morrison fan on your list? Well, look no further. Here are a few of Morrison’s newest comic books that are guaranteed to delight. ACTION COMICS issues #1-4 Newly launched as part of DC Comics-The New 52, ACTION COMICS, with art by Rags Morales and Rick Bryant, features Superman as the new guy in town, and the people of Metropolis are none to pleased with their new champion.

BATMAN INCORPORATED: LEVIATHAN STRIKES Batman realizes to his dismay that he's been outwitted as the true identity of Leviathan continues to elude him, in this sensational, giant-sized one-shot spinning out of the critically acclaimed BATMAN INCORPORATED, with art by Chris Burnham and Cameron Stewart.


“Gorgeous and haunting” – IGN "Intelligent, honest and beautifully illustrated."- IO9 With art by Sean Murphy, JOE THE BARBARIAN is an emotional journey through one boy’s epic adventure that may be an insulin deprived delirium. WE3 Deluxe Edition “Writer Morrison and illustrator Quitely meld incisive dialogue with action visualized from a four legged point of view.” — WASHINGTON POST “A smart and surprisingly touching high-tech fable.” —SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE With art by Frank Quitely, WE3 includes 10 new story pages and a 28 page bonus section featuring a wealth of character designs and sketches from Quitely, with commentary and script excerpts from Morrison.