In November 2012, DC Comics will release ABSOLUTE BATMAN & ROBIN: BATMAN REBORN – collecting the landmark story of an all-new Dynamic Duo, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely, Philip Tan, David Finch, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke and Frazier Irving. Bruce Wayne has fallen, and former Robin Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle of the Dark Knight. He is joined by a new Robin – Damian Wayne, the assassin-raised son of the original Batman. Together, the unlikely pair fights against a brutal menace that threatens Gotham City, as well as a pair of rival vigilantes out to fill the void left by Bruce’s disappearance. Presented in the signature style of DC Comics’ Absolute editions, ABSOLUTE BATMAN & ROBIN: BATMAN REBORN collects BATMAN & ROBIN 1-16 and BATMAN THE RETURN 1.