If you missed the first two issues, MY GREATEST ADVENTURE is an anthology-style miniseries that follows the adventures of three different characters: Robotman, Garbage Man and the alien Tanga. In “Uncanny Valley, Part 3,” written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Scott Kolins, Robotman’s journey leads him to an exotic island where he’ll find his ally, Maddy. But when the two of them are attacked by a monstrous creature, will they have what it takes to survive? In “Depraved,” written and pencilled by Aaron Lopresti and inked by Matt Ryan, Batman offers his services to Garbage Man’s cause to figure out and expose the corrupt truths behind the Titan Research Facility. And in “Inquisitive,” written and drawn by Kevin Maguire, Tanga enlists the help of a local alien to help find the answers she’s looking for about the faraway planet where she finds herself. MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #3 is in stores today.