Are you a fan of James Robinson’s current miniseries THE SHADE? And did you know that THE SHADE is a spin-off of STARMAN, a classic DC Comics series by the same writer? In the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed series, STARMAN, writer James Robinson told the story of Mikaal Tomas, an alien who traveled to earth and saves it from destruction after being won over by the compassion of human beings. On earth, Mikaal meets a man named Tony, forming one of the most famous and long-lasting homosexual relationships in comics history. At the time of its initial publication, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY called STARMAN “the best written superhero in comics.” Now, you can own Robinson’s entire 81-issue celebrated run on the series with THE STARMAN OMNIBUS, which is divided into six unique volumes. "There's nothing better at Christmas than curling up with a good book and the STARMAN Omnibuses are great books," writer James Robinson told us. "Each volume is a nice big read, collecting parts of Jack Knight's saga along with extra art from Tony and long afterwords by yours truly. Great with eggnog." So whether you’re just entering the gorgeous and intricate STARMAN universe for the first time with THE SHADE or you’re a long-time fan looking to reconnect with the classic series, THE STARMAN OMNIBUS collection is the perfect gift to give (and receive!) this holiday season.