This week marked the release of the third issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s bestselling BATMAN series. Well, the critics have spoken and it looks like BATMAN #3 is a hit!

In addition to giving the book a perfect 5-star star review, IFANBOY has named it their “Pick of the Week.” “BATMAN #3 is expertly crafted … The Court of Owls have arrived. Batman’s rattled. I’m rattled. That’s a good thing,” they wrote of the book. But IFANBOY wasn’t the only outlet to give BATMAN #3 a 5-star review. COMICVINE gave the book a perfect ranking as well. “It's a great ride that you're going to want to sit back and savor every tiny bit,” they said. “Reading this series just makes me happy to be a Batman fan.” COMIC BOOK RESOURCES agree. “BATMAN after the relaunch has been a strong series, and this issue is no exception. It's a good time to be a Batman fan.” “Snyder and Capullo reach new heights of collaboration here,” wrote IGN in their review. “The final scene of BATMAN #3 is the best in the series to date, as we witness Batman uncovering the truth behind the Court of Owls and realizing that everything he thought he knew was wrong.” “Snyder is crafting a mystery that calls the Dark Knight's recent adversaries into question and reveals an ancient conspiracy that his family has faced for decades,” described COMPLEX MAGAZINE. “It’s gripping, unpredictable, intelligently plotted, and, most of all, incredibly illustrated thanks to Greg Capullo.” So what can we expect in the next issue of this acclaimed series? We asked Scott Snyder to tease a little bit about what’s to come in issue #4. “DC Nation! I just wanted to say how much it means to all of us - the kind things said about BATMAN,” Snyder exclusively told THE SOURCE. “Greg Capullo and I are having a blast with this story. Jon Glapion and FCO, too - and it's one we both care a lot about. And as a thanks to everyone out there who picked us up, here's a hint of what's coming... Because next issue we're finally going to learn Bruce's reason for being so resistant to believing in the Court - a reason that dates all the way back to his childhood, and some of the blackest days of his young life. And The Court of Owls (if it exists?) will finally spring its most deadly trap on Batman - a trap buried deep beneath the city, in the darkest bedrock. Okay, to Gotham. And remember, The Court is always watching!” BATMAN #4 flies into stores on December 21st. Check out your exclusive first look at the issue below.