Some have said that three is the magic number. If that's the case, November should be a fascinating month. Here at THE SOURCE, we'll spotlighting key third issues from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 with an ongoing series of posts titled “3 Things You Didn’t Know About DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.” Expect the unexpected--in threes. Sure, there are many things that travelers to the 9th Dimension should know before embarking on their journey. The first is, travel lightly. Because you’ll probably have to run for your life at some point. Yes, the first thing you should know about the 9th dimension is… that it can be a very dangerous place. Just how dangerous? Look at it this way… In MISTER TERRIFIC #3, billionaire Michael Holt finally brings Brainstorm—the villain who knows the truth about Michael Holt’s wife, Paula—to justice. But closure comes at a high price and, unable to deal with Brainstorm’s shocking revelation, Mister Terrific loses his cool. Big time. It’s a state of events he’ll regret for years to come, one that sends him looking for solace and redemption in, you guessed, the 9th Dimension. But there are cruel, terrifying beings waiting for Mister Terrific in the 9th Dimension. They are called THE KRYL and they have been watching Mister Terrific for a very long time. Why? Because they have been waiting for their chance to enlist him in a not-so-terrific cause. Which brings up the second thing you’ll need to know about the 9th dimension: it is in perpetual state of war and has been that way for centuries. Thanks to the nasty folks designed and pictured above and below in some incredible artwork by the very terrific Gianluca Gugliotta, Mister Terrific’s life is about to get turned upside down. The third and final thing you should know before traveling into the 9th dimension is that, unlike Los Angeles, there are no street signs (at least not in English). Which means when it comes to navigating dimensional space—or figuring out whom to trust inside an alien warship—you’ll be on your own. So you’d better have a good head on your shoulders, a modicum of super-intelligence, and the MacGuyver-esque ability to escape from almost any situation. Otherwise, you might end up dead at the hands of new, and very different, kind of alien foe. So get ready, folks. The Kryl make their first appearance this month in MISTER TERRIFIC #3. Their story continues in issues #4 & #5 as Michael Holt embarks on his first “cosmic” adventure. It’s a story that takes this series in a different and surprising direction. Only who will survive the encounter – our hero or The mysterious Kryl? Stay tuned. -- Eric Wallace (MISTER TERRIFIC)