All afternoon, THE SOURCE has been rolling out your very first look at DC Comics in February 2012.

February still seems a long ways off. But this Wednesday? That's right around the corner and we've got a whole new batch of third issues from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 hitting stores. For ease of reading, we've compiled a comprehensive rundown. Tell your friends.

USA TODAY interviewed writer Brian Azzarello to accompany their exclusive preview of WONDER WOMAN #3, in which Diana’s new origins are revealed. "I can't wait to start really, really playing with the gods," Azzarello told them. "Look who she's immediately gaining as siblings — suddenly, the god of war is her half-brother … Now instead of protecting a mortal from the gods, she's also protecting her half-brother or sister."

POPMATTERS has your first look at I, VAMPIRE #3. “I, VAMPIRE is mythic in every way,” POPMATTERS wrote of the series. “It is the story of how the whole world is threatened by a love story that just darkens the character of each individual involved in that poisoned relationship. In some of the finest storytelling ever to grace the character of Andrew and his struggles with Mary, Josh Fialkov singularizes the character and the title among the recent crop of DC’s New 52. It is very much the evolution of the romantic vampire’s we’ve come to enjoy seeing on screen over recent years.”

MAXIM previewed DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #3. The issue by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang continues Deadman’s journey of self exploration as he attempts to gain answers on how to gain control of his “life.”

Now that he’s bonded with his armor, can Jaime Reyes learn how to control it? Find out in BLUE BEETLE #3 by Tony Bedard, Ig Guara, Ruy Jose and J.P. Mayer, previewed exclusively at MTV GEEK.

It’s time for a fourth team member in BIRDS OF PREY #3! Head on over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES for your exclusive preview.

With the Intruders neutralizing the ring powers of the Green Lantern Corps, it’ll be up to Guy Gardner and John Stewart to figure out how to stop this grave threat. Check out IFANBOY’s exclusive preview of GREEN LANTERN CORPS #3 by Peter J. Tomasi, Geraldo Borges and Scott Hanna.

IGN previewed Selina Kyle’s latest adventures in CATWOMAN #3. What trouble has the femme fatale got herself into this time? Find out when the issue by Judd Winick and Guillem March hits stores this week.

Following their exclusive preview of LEGION LOST #3 last week, TOR.COM has your first look at LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #3 by Paul Levitz and Francis Portela.

And that's not all. DISCOVER MAGAZINE highlighted the science in MISTER TERRIFIC in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.

What else is going on the internet?

ADVERTISING AGE presented a 2011 Media Vanguard Award to the BURN NOTICE digital comic for “Most Innovating Broadcast Brand Extension.” (Congratulations to all those involved with the book!)

Meanwhile, BATMAN: NOEL writer and artist Lee Bermejo was interviewed by YAHOO! ASSOCIATED CONTENT. “I like a very ‘urban warfare’ look for my Batman,” Bermejo said of The Dark Knight’s costume design in the book. “I suppose it comes from my overall need to ground things in as much reality as possible. I like to approach all design from the inside out, trying to figure out what fabrics could be used to make the thing IF it were really being constructed. I wanted there to be a point to Batman having this more modern, utilitarian look. It fit in well with what I wanted to do in the story.”

“The idea for the project pretty much came when I had finished Joker,” Bermejo continued to THE MORTON REPORT. “And I had a blast drawing Joker. I really enjoyed it. But it was a really dark, brutal piece of work, and I kind of wanted to go in the other direction. To push myself creatively, but also to try something new.”

Finally, COMICVINE listed four reasons why Sinestro is the most powerful Green Lantern.

And speaking of Green Lantern, check out Francis Manapul’s breathtaking variant cover for next month’s issue #4. Amazing, right?

To be continued …