Working in a vacuum for the last six months since I started working at DC, I looked forward to the September launch of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 with a mix of excitement and nervousness. How would readers respond to some of the more pivotal changes to their favorite characters, and this massive DC undertaking? And while working on these beloved characters and having a huge amount of fun shaping them into what they've become - in my case BATGIRL, GRIFTER, NIGHTWING, RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS and TEEN TITANS - all of us in the editorial department have cringed and laughed over the speculation from the comics community at large. Well, that general cry of "What the hell are they doing over at DC?" was answered two months ago at the launch, and here in month three I'm happy to report we've gotten into a nice groove with all the books - grooving on the excitement generated by new and old readers alike. There's an amazing new energy emanating from the editorial offices. We're talking about the books together, admiring what's being done better and what's being done BEST. Just out of this week from my office are two books I'm particularly proud of - BATGIRL #3 and GRIFTER #3. Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf have crafted a wonderfully personal story in BATGIRL, giving you a hint of Batgirl's past and her continuing struggles as a recovering paraplegic. And in GRIFTER, Nathan Edmondson and CAFU are creating a whole new world for the Grifter, filled with aliens and humans who all want the same thing: to get him, alive or dead. Including his own family, in this case. I hope the spotlights above and below will tempt you to pick up both books, if you haven't planned to already. -- Bobbie Chase, Senior Editor