Yesterday we announced the launch of our DC Comics Google+ Page, something we were among the first companies to get a chance to create. We kicked that off with a preview of Batman #3 from writer Scott Snyder and today we've got even more good stuff for you there.  The Flash has realized that his Speed Force-fueled powers didn't come with an instruction manual. There's no reference guide he can turn to and learn that, hey, he can create tiny vortexes with his arms that can keep someone - or something - aloft. So his life is a lot of trial and error. Now he's learned that not only does the Speed Force allow his body to move super-fast, it can also allow his mind to move faster than a normal persons. But it's still a learning-as-he-goes situation that's taking some getting used to. On the DC Comics Google+ Page today we have a preview of The Flash #3 from Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato that show Barry Allen still getting a grip on just what his new fast-thinking abilities can do while also continuing to deal with situations that require his physical powers. Can he get the his brain and his body both moving at the same speed? You'll find The Flash #3 on sale Wednesday 11/23 both digitally and in print. Visit for more information and stay tuned to our DC Comics Google+ Page for more as we continue to experiment with this exciting new platform.