Some have said that three is the magic number. If that’s the case, November should be a fascinating month. Here at THE SOURCE, we’ll spotlighting key third issues from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 with an ongoing series of posts titled “3 Things You Didn’t Know About DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.” Expect the unexpected–in threes. There is a place on the dark side of Ysmault — home of the Red Lanterns — where the air is heavy with the smell of death, and the plants are dark and twisted. Long before Bleez, before Zilius Zox and Dex Starr and Skallox, this is where Atrocitus buried his failed experiments. He’d been trying to create his Red Lantern corps--but the first attempts were failures: too insane, too abysmal, to be allowed to live. More lurks here than Atrocitus ever imagined... Talking of Skallox, few people are aware that Skallox tried to join the equivalent of a dating agency on his home planet, with truly horrific consequences. The terrible story of this unhappy affair will be revealed soon. And what of Bleez?  She may have undergone the terrible transformation of the Red Lanterns but in issue three a baptism in  Blood Ocean rekindles her intelligence, and her demons.  But will Bleez will  be satisfied at being Atrocitus’ loyal number two? Or will there come a time when the Red Lanterns of Ysmault will have to make a decision? Bleez or Atrocitus. Youth or experience? Or will an unholy alliance between an Earth-born Red Lantern and a terrible creature from Atrocitus’s past force Atrocitus and Bleez to put aside their differences for good? -- Peter Milligan (RED LANTERNS)