Fan-favorite artist Nicola Scott will be joining the SUPERMAN creative team,providing art for issues 3, 5 and 6. Jesus Merino remains the series’ ongoing artist, illustrating issue 4 and returning for the issue 7 debut of new writers Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen - which Jurgens will be drawing. Scott is under exclusive contract with DC Entertainment, and those familiar with her career will know her previous work with DC Comics’ BIRDS OF PREY and SECRET SIX. Most recently, she was announced as the penciller who (with writer James Robinson) would be bringing JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and nothing’s changed there; she is still going to be illustrating those Earth 2 adventures when the JSA is ready to make their debut. In the meantime, check out some of Scott’s SUPERMAN work right here on THE SOURCE – where Scott gets the chance to draw the Man of Tomorrow in both his past and our present. SUPERMAN #3 goes on sale November 23.