With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to start decking the halls and looking forward to the winter holidays. And who better to help ring in tidings of comfort and joy than…Batman? Yes, your read it right; the Dark Knight is starring in BATMAN: NOEL – a unique take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol set in Gotham City, with the caped crusader filling Scrooge’s miserly boots. The book debuts in comic book stores today, and writer/artist Lee Bermejo has been making the rounds to talk about his work – and share some exclusive artwork from the book. Bermejo spoke with USA TODAY, explaining the impetus for this idea and the parallel between Batman and Ebenezer Scrooge. "Very much like the character of Scrooge, as a younger man he was presented as a disturbed but bright fellow — he wasn't quite that bitter old man. That's very easily analogous to Batman's own history," Bermejo said. And further discussing parallels between Batman and Scrooge, Bermejo talked to IGN about the characters’ shared place in the cultural heritage. “I'm a pretty firm believer in there being a few characters that, to me, don't really fall into pop culture anymore, at least in terms of my definition of pop culture. They've just been around too long at this point and popular too long. Also what's important to know is that they're just able to adapt and evolve. They're not necessarily indicative of their time. I think that makes them more literary figures than pop culture,” he said. Check out both sites for the complete interviews, as well as exclusive artwork from BATMAN: NOEL. And if that’s not enough for you, COMPLEX MAGAZINE, WIRED and UGO all have their own exclusive preview pages from the book, as well. BATMAN: NOEL goes on sale in comic book stores today, and in book stores November 8.