52 Thanksgivings! Really. Here we are into the third month of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and you have all helped us turn it into a runaway success we can all be thankful for. I personally am thankful for having been involved in this history-making venture, and we are not about to let up. On a recent mini-trip out west, one of the days involved getting up at 5 A.M. Pacific Time to make sure it would be in the right time zone to go over JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK with writer Peter Milligan in England. We talked over how to grow the threat of the evil witch Enchantress and what it would mean to Deadman. Then Group Editor Ben Abernathy and I reviewed what is happening in the HUNTRESS mini (which I had just expressed to artist Marcus To the week before in Canada how he is kicking butt with Helena) and the big surprises there. Next, I met up with Mike Johnson, one of the Mikes writing SUPERGIRL (the other is Green). We talked about some of the epic adversaries that Kara will soon face as she begins to understand her origins and place here on Earth. Next, Creative Executive Adam Schlagman and I braved L.A. traffic (a challenge not for the week willed--seriously, anybody who drives out there deserves a GREEN LANTERN ring) to go over with Scott Lobdell what the evil organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E., that we so far have seen only in TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY, is up to and what it means to the Young Justice of the DC Universe. Barely scratching the surface of the threats that could be uniting against our heroes, we had to rush back to West Coast DCE offices so Adam Glass and I could talk about some rather nasty things that he is planning for the SUICIDE SQUAD. Some of it is gut wrenching, if not stomach churning. In a good but "eww" way. Somewhere in there I fit in time to see Kevin Kiniry, Executive Director of Creative Services, who gave me a walk-through of what DC Direct will be putting out in the coming months. Such cool stuff! Good thing the holidays are around the corner! So yes, a time to give THANKS to all of YOU for supporting all our efforts. Who needs rest when there's soooo much excitement around here??!! --Eddie Berganza, Executive Editor Images: Mahmud Asrar on SUPERGIRL and Mikel Janin on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK are just 2 of 52 things to be thankful for this year!