AIN’T IT COOL NEWS ran an exclusive preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #3 and caught up with series writer Dan Jurgens. “Our JLI will enjoy both the curses and benefits of greater United Nations funding and involvement,” he explained. “When you combine the fact that much of the UN's reasoning is simply PR, rather than actually getting something done, it's a recipe for problems.”

GAWKER’s IO9 spoke with the creative team of THE FLASH, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. “When you read the first arc, it's about The Flash trying to evolve. You realize in the second arc, that that's what the Rogues have been doing this entire time,” Manapul revealed. “But obviously it went wrong and they're not together. We're going to see what that's all about and how they came across the powers that they now have.”

MTV GEEK chatted with BATMAN: NOEL writer/artist Lee Bermejo. “I wanted to make him as real as possible, so I started imagining his costume with Kevlar plating, and it would be a bit more useful, and reflect a little bit of real world clothing that you might find on motorcycle dudes, things like that,” Bermejo said of designing The Dark Knight for this original graphic novel. “I think this worked for the comparisons to Scrooge, too, because … his very demeanor is like a suit of armor.” Be sure to read the whole interview for an exclusive preview of BATMAN: NOEL, in comic book stores on Wednesday and available everywhere next week.

And while it’s still Halloween, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES decided to send shivers up your spine with their horror-focused interview with I, VAMPIRE writer Joshua Hale Fialkov. “To me, a book is titled what it's titled on purpose,” Fialkov stated. “This book is titled I, VAMPIRE and that means that in every issue, you're going to get a chance to look inside what it's like to be a vampire or to be in the life of vampire or to be surrounded by vampires. And the question of why Andrew can control himself when none of the others can is a big, big part of the story. It's a big part of what we're working on in the next year in terms of the mythology.”

Meanwhile, Atlanta’s CREATIVE LOAFING profiled GRIFTER writer Nathan Edmondson, a Georgia local. Check out their piece to read about how Nathan got involved in the comic book industry and teases at what’s to come in the series.

To be continued …