DETECTIVE COMICS #1, by Tony S. Daniel and Ryan Winn, and SWAMP THING #1, by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette, two of the most critically acclaimed and fan adorned titles in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, are heading back to press for third printings. DETECTIVE COMICS #1 and SWAMP THING #1 join the ranks of the previously announced ACTION COMICS #1, BATGIRL #1 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 as titles to receive third printings (JUSTICE LEAGUE is already in its fourth printing). And don’t miss DETECTIVE COMICS #2 and SWAMP THING #2, both on sale tomorrow. On DETECTIVE COMICS #1: “An exciting take on Bats and Joker as they play cat and mouse through the streets of Gotham City, and a haunting last page that is extremely killer. That alone will have most readers coming back next month.” – USA Today “This is your go-to book.” – Entertainment Weekly “A perfect transition into the medium.” – Complex Magazine “Exciting, intriguing.” – Christian Science Monitor “Nothing like a little blood and guts to get Batman fans excited.” – Publishers Weekly “Detective Comics is head-spinningly spectacular from top to bottom.” – MTV Geek “The start to something truly great.” – IGN “I had high hopes and I was still pleasantly surprised.” – Comic Book Resources “Plenty of action and suspense.” – ComicVine On SWAMP THING #1: “Snyder continues his strong penchant for horror – it goes nicely on his resume with the fantastic American Vampire series.” – USA Today “Scott Snyder does what he does best by concentrating on the horror and monster aspects, but somehow hangs on to shreds of humanity at the same time.” – YAHOO! Associated Content “A thoughtful, well-executed new take on a great character.” – Publishers Weekly “Gorgeous.” – The Onion AV Club “Snyder has made a career of writing scripts that appeal to people that aren't sold on the brightly colored world of comic books, so expect Swamp Thing to do the same.” – Complex Magazine “We have a winner…it’s wonderful.” – Time Out Chicago “Just buy it, you won't regret it one bit. Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette have delivered a fantastically written, beautifully drawn opening chapter to usher in Swamp Thing's return to the brave, new DCU.” – IGN “Yannick Paquette does a bang-up job on art.” – io9 “Amazingly dense, smart and literate.” – MTV Geek “Neck-and-neck with Animal Man for best new book in the relaunch, Swamp Thing #1 is one of the strongest single issues from the already accomplished Scott Snyder.” – iFanboy “Those that have never read an issue of Swamp Thing will have no problem jumping right in.” – ComicVine