There’s been no shortage of big news here on THE SOURCE, and today’s certainly no exception. And as we continue to make headlines and generate buzz with DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, we’ve got another announcement of our own right here. Mikel Janin, the artist behind JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. Paired with writer Peter Milligan, he will continue to draw the adventures of the team tasked with fighting evil too twisted for our regular heroes to handle. Janin cut his teeth with JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and went on to illustrate FLASHPOINT: DEADMAN & THE FLYING GRAYSONS. And how’s Janin feel about his new contract? Let’s ask him. “I'm so happy and proud to announce I've signed an exclusive agreement with DC. It was exactly one year ago when I met DC Executive Editor Eddie Berganza in Avilés Comic Con. Pepe Caldelas, from Nutopia Agency, introduced my work to him, since other well known Nutopia artists, such as Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes or Ulises Arreola were already working for DC. When Eddie gave me my first assignment, seven pages for JLA, it was a dream come true. But I didn't expect that these pages will lead so quickly to such important assignments like FLASHPOINT: DEADMAN & THE FLYING GRAYSONS, and specially The New 52 series JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, teaming up with no less than Peter Milligan. DC has put its trust in me and my art, and I feel grateful and honored. Signing exclusively with them is just a way to strengthen the great relationship between the two of us.” Check out this exclusive piece of art from the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, which hits comic book stores today!