Artist Annie Wu illustrates Jordan Mayer's directorial debut, "Mystery House," in HOUSE OF MYSTERY #41 out now. She took some time out to chat with us about some of her pop culture favs. First comic book you remember reading: Either Old Master Q or 13-Dot. I'm sure it was some manhua my family gave to me. Best music for making Jordan Mayer's film come to life: Tuvan throat singing over a sick beat. I'm only half-joking, because that would actually be pretty cool. Favorite artist(s): I have too many favorites, but I've been looking at a lot of Bernini and Robert McGinnis lately. Favorite Vertigo book(s): Y: The Last Man was a huge deal for my friends and me in high school. And I'm a late-comer to the House of Mystery party but it's been tremendously fun. Last movie you saw that you can admit to: This just made me realize that the last films I saw in theatres and on Netflix were both by Buster Keaton -- Steamboat Bill, Jr. and Sherlock, Jr. Maybe I have a problem. Guilty pleasure movie for rainy Saturdays: The edited-to-bits cable version of Showgirls, always. Favorite book: I'm sure to change my mind, but let's just go with my childhood favorite, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. No, wait -- Most mysterious city you've been to: Hong Kong, for so many reasons. Scariest/weirdest/nastiest part of living in NYC: The birds aren't afraid of people. And they keep trying to fly into my mirrored sunglasses. Now check out a page from her story in HOUSE OF MYSTERY written by Matt Sturges.