This week, you’ve heard from many writers and artists who are working on books within the Justice League, Batman and Young Justice families. Today, beginning with I, VAMPIRE writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, hear from various people working on titles within THE DARK family. THE SOURCE: How do you write the first line of a new series? JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV: Usually, I have an image that's the root of the series. In the case of I,Vampire, it was a foot being put down. Something simple, but, at the same time, it's what the book is about in its most bare and unnuanced form. From there, it's just explaining why. How do you introduce characters? Andrew is not a character a lot of people are familiar with, so the challenge of the first issue was telling as much of his story as possible while still writing something that was loaded to the gills with blood and gore and action and monsters. It was not easy, but I think with Andrea Sorrentino's amazing art, we nailed it. How do you introduce a new villain? Mary is a character who's literally pulsing with power, so, it's a bit easier to show her for what she is than it was for Andrew. Mary is sexuality and strength and anger and passion all at the same time, and she lives entirely in the moment. Where she came from and who she was don't matter even half as much as what's happening right now at this very second in her life. What was the first comic you ever worked on? I published a series of webcomics that I both wrote and drew back around 2002. My first 'comic-comic' was WESTERN TALES OF TERROR #1. Who was the first character you followed? Batman. Absolutely loved him from the time I was seven years old. What was the first series you collected? I remember seeking out Creepy and Eerie as well as House of Secrets and House of Mystery at my very first convention. Who was the first artist you followed? The first guy who I was actually conscious of who they were was probably Paul Chadwick. CONCRETE was the first series that really spoke to how rife with potential to be different comics really were. What was the first convention you attended as a fan? One of the early, early Pittsburgh Comic Con's at, ahem Al Monzo's Palace Inn in Monroeville, PA. What was the first convention you attended as a professional? Alternative Press Expo 2003. What was the first comic book you read? I'd read comics before, but I clearly remember reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #12 and falling in love with April O'Neill and comics. What was your first job in the comic book industry? Writer/Artist/Editor/Publisher/Marketing/Tap Dancer, also known as Self-Publisher. What was the first piece of original art you bought? The cover to Western Tales of Terror #1 by a then barely famous Tony Moore. It still hangs proudly in my office over my desk. What was the first digital comic book you downloaded? The first chapter of my original digital graphic novel TUMOR. Aside from that, it was probably Crisis on Infinite Earths #1. I was so excited to zoom in on that GORGEOUS Perez art!