We told you yesterday about the great Midnight Madness event happening at Midtown Comics in New York City marking the official launch of DC Comics - The New 52. We know, though, that not everyone will be able to make it to New York City on August 30th. The good news is you may not have to. Many retailers across the country will be holding their own midnight launch parties celebrating the release of both Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 and giving customers the opportunity to pick up both as soon as the clock ticks over into Wednesday. You can read about the events that have been shared with us on our Events page and find out who’s offering bundle deals, who will be giving away prizes and much more. New information will be added throughout the next couple weeks so keep checking back to see if a location convenient for you has been added. If you don’t see your favorite retailer listed there give them a call and find out if they’ll be open late to give you your first look at DC Comics The New 52. You can visit read.dccomics.com to find a comic shop near you as well as to find out more about DC Comics’ initiative to release new issues digitally at the same time they hit store shelves. Whether you’ll be at Midtown Comics or at a comic shop near you we want to hear from you! Send a message to @DCComics on Twitter with pictures from the midnight release party you attended and the name of the store you were at. And be sure to follow us both on Twitter and on Facebook to get updates from Midnight Madness on 8/30 in New York City as the event unfolds.