How do you draw the first panel of a first issue?

The same way I draw every panel! I read over the plot, do a small layout on an index card and then when I have something I like, that flows right, I layout the art board. I do a sort of rough over that with a 2h pencil and then, taking a kneaded eraser, I erase it so the image is still there but very faint. Then I go in and do the finished pencil work. How do you introduce a new hero? I think the first time you see a new hero, you should get a sense of their personality. Preferably in a cool action shot, but a more dramatic/imposing pose works well too. How do you draw a first appearance? This really depends on the writer and the situation. Will they be a love interest? Then maybe flowers or puppies. A bad guy, then dark and bloody. A new hero? Saving the day! One of those was a joke, you decide! What was the first comic you ever worked on? The first comic I drew was a 16-page story for a creative writing class in High Skool. Yes, I was that kid. Who was the first character you followed? Wally West. What was the first series you collected? The new Flash in the 80's. Started with issue 3 and collected that for years. Who was the first writer you followed? I don't usually follow writers, more like series. I'm the same with actors. I have writers I like but I'll have to say Chris Claremont. Who was the first artist you followed? Art Adams! What was the first convention you attended as a professional? San Diego Comic Con in ‘93. What was the first comic book you read? I had a bunch of old ones given to me -- it was a giant sized Batman… but I didn't get into comics until years later. I was a late bloomer. What was your first job in the comic book industry? Drawing WildC.A.T.S. something or other for Jim Lee.