(The cover for ANIMAL MAN #1 by Travel Foreman)

Earlier today, you got a first look at colored pages from Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman’s ANIMAL MAN #1, in stores September 7th. We caught up with Jeff about what it’s been like working on the book, his creative process, collaborating with Travel and more. THE SOURCE: What's it like being the writer for this book? JEFF LEMIRE: I feel like I have some pretty big shoes to fill, given the character's history and the amazing talents that have written Buddy Baker in the past. But at the same time, DC Comics-The New 52 seems like a great opportunity to give the character a fresh start. I can boil down everything that has made him great in the past and then add my own ideas to him. It’s a real thrill to be writing this book at this time. What about this book excites you the most? The chance to really explore the darker aspects of the DC Universe. This book is very much a horror/superhero hybrid. As such, I'm able to take it in some very dark places. What is your creative process like? What approach(es) do you take when writing a new issue? This book has been a strange experience for me because in so many ways it feels effortless. Unlike books I've written in the past, this almost feels like it writes itself. It kind of flows through me like I'm just the next in line to document the lives of The Baker Family. They instantly felt real to me and I just sit down and let them talk and act out the next chapter each month. I've never had that experience on a non-creator owned book before. What is it like collaborating with Travel? This is without a doubt the best collaboration I've ever had with an artist. Travel takes my initial ideas and expands upon them in ways I'd never imagined. Then as a result, I have to react to what he’s done and adjust and expand my plots accordingly. He's a genius. I truly believe that. If this book is a success it will be because of his incredible imagination. This book will look like nothing you've ever seen before. I know that sounds like hype, but it's true...it's truly staggering to see new pages come in. I am a very lucky man to be working with him on this.