Day Two of San Diego Comic-Con is officially in the books! The excitement at our booth was overflowing as people lined up for their chance to become part of the Justice League and attendees continue to collect Wayne Casino Poker Chips both at the booth and at panels where they ask great questions. After that we held the second DC Comics The New 52 panel of SDCC, where the entire editorial team was assembled, giving people information on timelines, costume design and other topics related to September’s big event. One of the highlights of the day, though, was our DC Comics Superman panel, where the creative team showed off exclusive new artwork reveals from Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl and Superboy. Also shown was brand new artwork from the upcoming Superman: Earth One graphic novel. Fans of our Facebook page also got an exclusive look at three videos featuring Grant Morrison talking about Superman and what makes the character special to him. More exclusive artwork reveals were part of the DC Comics Justice League panel. New pages and panels were shown from not just the core team book but also the individual titles for the characters in the JL, including Green Arrow, Mister Terrific and others. Once again the day ended with good stuff from Vertigo Comics, this time a panel devoted to American Vampire. Attendees were given previews of upcoming artwork and story arcs as well as an introduction to the mythology behind the series and the vampires featured in it. Make sure you check out our Comic-Con schedule for what's coming up today and stay tuned here as well as on Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the day.