flashpoint-logo_whiteWith preparations for a massive world war underway, reporter Lois Lane finds herself to be among the sole survivors of one of Emperor Aquaman’s city-demolishing attacks. As a result, she’s forced into an Amazonian holding camp on New Themyscira to train to fight against the Atlanteans. But a concealed device from a fallen ally reveals that Lois’ fate may not be on the battlefield after all …

“Lois is a great character – one of the rare iconic characters in comics who have no powers. This series makes her the eyes on the ground in the middle of war between SUPER superpowers,” writer Dan Abnett told us. “Should a reporter cross the line and get involved the story? And if they do, can they make a real difference when the other players are demi-god superheroes?”

Head over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES to view exclusive preview pages. LOIS LANE AND THE RESISTANCE #1 is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and features art by Eddie Nunez and Don Ho.