flashpoint-logo_whiteMichael Desai is a little bit of everything. He’s corporate. He’s elegant. He’s ruthless. He’s a survivor. He’s more dangerous than anyone knows. He is The Outsider. We caught up with the miniseries’ writer, James Robinson about what it was like to create this new and multi-layered character:

“It's exciting to be working on one of the Flashpoint books, especially one featuring Michael Desai, the Outsider -- businessman, meta-human and villain combined -- who's a never-before-seen character that I hope readers enjoy meeting for the first time. It's definitely fun to write a character with no morals and a love of tea and tailored suits. In all those regards he reminds me of myself.”

Head over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES to view exclusive preview pages. THE OUTSIDER #1, written by James Robinson and with art by Javi Fernandez, hits stores next week.

The Outsider cover