A few weeks ago, we posted about two special issues of the Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling children’s series, TINY TITANS: the “pink issue” and the “Kroc issue”. Today, TINY TITANS #41, also known as the “Flash issue,” hit stands. The issue introduces Jesse Quick and features Inertia, Mas y Menos, Blue Beetle, and Kid Flash, making a very special shout-out to the FLASHPOINT series that’s currently setting the DC Universe into lighting motion. We caught up with creators Art Baltazar and Franco to tell us a little bit about what to expect from the issue. Take it away, fellas:

“With FLASHPOINT going on in the other books we felt we needed to acknowledge it in some way in this book! It happens real, real fast so you better keep an eye on it. Artie and I have a long distance working relationship and I was thinking that teleportation would be very useful for us. Artie said if we could run as fast as the FLASH we would be able to get back and forth and get a whole bunch of work done too! Conversations led to making fun of each other and that led to these TINY TITAN stories. The evolution really takes us in different directions and sometimes we don't see the end of a punchline until it happens. The sections with Blue Beetle came about as a completely separate story but got woven into this one. All in all a tapestry of Tiny Titans hilarity!” – Franco

“Aw yeah! It’s the FAST issue featuring Kid Flash, a bunch of fast titans and..Blue Beetle? We love Blue Beetle! I love it when we put Blue Beetle and his backpack in the stories. The fans get to figure out Back Pack’s secret language. But this time we threw in some Spanish too! I soon learned that our awesome editor Kristy Quinn is fluent in Spanish! She correct Mas y Menos’s with commas and accents and everything. I was impressed. Aw Yeah Bi-lingual!” – Art Baltazar